One of the best tour

companies in Tanzania owned
and run by women


Sheba Tours provide the most rewarding and authentic tours available in East Africa. We offer a completely different kind of holiday; challenging stereotypes, changing attitudes to tourism and empowering African women to better themselves and their community. 

Featured Tour

Your home away from home 

Whether you’re joining us on one of our tours, hosting a celebration or simply looking for a relaxing escape, Sheba Tours can help find the perfect accommodation for you.


Explore the lively, historical Stone Town, discover the myriad of fruits and spices then relax on an idyllic beach on this spectacular 6 day tour.

Featured Experience

Cooking with Mama
Pare Workshop

Learn how to make a range of traditional Tanzanian dishes with Mama Pare at her restaurant in Manyara, followed by a delicious homemade lunch.

What kind of

tour are you? 

Lounging on a paradise beach, tracking lions across the
Serengeti, learning about ancient traditions or all of the
above! Whatever appeals to you, Sheba Tours can deliver.