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Excursions & Experiences

At Sheba Tours, we pride ourselves on crafting the most authentic and rewarding tours in East Africa. From the beaches of Zanzibar to the plains of the Serengeti, we provide a variety of adventures. Contact us about any of the below tours or to create a bespoke itinerary.

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Our selection of experiences has been carefully curated to provide you with an opportunity to delve deeper into the cultures and communities living in Tanzania. Get to know women like Mama Pare and benefit from their skills and knowledge across cookery, crafts, farming and more. 

Traditional Cooking Workshop with Mama Pare

Learn how to make a range of traditional dishes with Mama Pare at her restaurant in Manyara, followed by a delicious lunch.

Cultural Boma Experience

Get a taste of village life, meeting women in the community and even try your hand at milking the cows.

Creative Market Visit and  Workshop

Learn the beautiful and intricate art of Maasai beadwork or have a go at some tinga tinga painting.

Guided Tour and 

Hike up Mt Meru or Mt Kilimanjaro with a group of like-minded women led by local, knowledgeable female guides. 

Chemka Hot Springs and Hike 

Hike to the beautiful turquoise waters of the beautiful waters of the Chemka hot spring. Swim though the crystal clear waters or relax, eating a picnic lunch on the tree roots on the bank.

Dancing and Storytelling Workshop

Learn to sing and dance traditional routines and share stories and experiences with local women's groups.

Zanzibar: Seaweed and Soap Making 

Visit a seaweed farm on Zanzibar, pick your own seaweed and make soap with the guidance from highly experienced women.

Zanzibar: Spice Tour

Discover the 'Spice Island' by touring a spice farm, learning about the spices properties and uses and sampling freshly picked fruit.

Zanzibar: Stone Town 

Visit bustling markets and historic winding streets, exploring all Stone Town has to offer.

Zanzibar: Prison Island

Learn about the history of Prison Island, used for 'rebellious slaves' in the 1860s, it is now home to a group of magnificent giant tortoises.

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