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About Us

The Sheba Community

Sheba is more than a tour agency, it is a community who are committed to changing perceptions in the Tanzanian tourism industry and providing an opportunity for growth and empowerment for women . We believe that safari is not just a 4x4 and a lunch box; it is an experience. We believe in giving you the freedom and support you need to design the best safari possible. We believe that a safari can change your life and create a deeper appreciation of, and connection to the natural environment and the people who call it home. We have already been able to provide some exciting employment opportunities and provided training in financial management, customer service and more, and are working with a number of organisations to continue empowering women. If you have any suggestions for ways we might expand the opportunities we offer or want to get involved please contact us.

The Sheba Community

Our Vision

Our vision is a society where all African women are educated, self-sufficient and confident to take action to improve their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a different kind of holiday which promotes a positive image of African women and empowers them to better themselves and their community.

Our Aims

  • To build a brand which is synonymous with the most rewarding and authentic tours available in East Africa.

  • To offer cultural tours which challenge stereotypes, change attitudes to tourism and make the image of African women more positive.

  • To create education and employment opportunities to improve the financial security of impoverished African women.

  • To inspire African women to become entrepreneurs and take on leadership roles in their community.

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Lightness Tayay Mollel

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Julliet Ally Selemani

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Fatima Ramadhani

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Nancy Raymond

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