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Sheba Retreats

Authentic. Responsible. Empowering Women.

We provide luxury, pampering holidays

with Zanzibar and wildlife safaris as backdrops.

Whether your are looking for the holiday of a lifetime, or a well deserved pampering break, Sheba Retreats has tailored truly exclusive packages so that you can relax.

Enjoy hand-picked locations, spa treatments and the best that Tanzania and Zanzibar has to offer. Our packages are available for women-only experience, and for group travellers (from $2,750 per person).

A share of every Sheba Tours package goes to the funding of infrastructure and training. So every customer contributes to our Emayani Foundation - building Tanzanian communities through skills development and education of local women.

Hand-picked and exclusive

Sheba Retreats are a bit special. we want to keep it small to make sure every guest experiences the best holiday. Ten trips yearly, with each having no more than 10 spots available.

Please leave us your details and you will be the first to have access to one of our VIP packages

All packages are design with responsible travel in mind. Sustainability is central to our mission. From luxury farms settings where food is grown yards away, to training staff with skills they will use for a lifetime.

Want to know more about our Emayani Foundation and why we are women owned and run?

7 Days, 6 nights to escape routine Luxury stay, pampering, with a safari backdrop. Stay in the most beautiful spots, experience the amazing wildlife and pampering with a...
Inuka (Arise)
Começou 9 de May de 2020

Typically, our Retreats packages include the game drives and beach time you would expect from a holiday in Tanzania and Zanzibar. They also include activities such as relaxation, yoga, meeting local women entrepreneurs and taking part in creating the skincare product used for your pampering sessions.


Leaving the body and mind truly rested and refreshed.

7 Days, 6 nights to treat yourself. Zanzibar in style. Exclusive accommodation and pampering for the VIP treatment. White sand and turquoise water awaits. A post card h...
Raha (Relax)
Começou 25 de Apr de 2020

Sheba exists for the development of  its staff, its local community, and the wider empowerment of African women. The customer is king (or in our case queen!), and we believe that happy staff makes happy customers. We are proud of our region, its culture and the role women have in its social and economic successes.

This is the ultimate retreat; Enjoying both luxury safaris & Zanzibar relaxing holidays. If you can't choose between the wonders of a safari holiday and the white sand a...
Umoja (Unity)
Começou 9 de May de 2020

All packages are also available for group bookings.

Starting from $2,750 per person (minimum 5 participants)

Same level of customer service, same luxurious facilities. The only difference is a more sociable villa accommodation and a lower price per guest.

Should you want to come at a specific date, or prefer a women-to-women service, we can tailor our packages to your wishes.

Sheba Tours aim to offer best value luxury retreats in Tanzania and Zanzibar, with a social purpose; To develop community skills and empower local women through our Emayani Foundation work.

Please contact us with any enquiry.
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